Educational Recognition in Switzerland

The most effective and efficient way to raise up great leaders is if you can use a mix of theory and practical application. Our training plan is rooted in different University of the Nations (UofN) registered courses. In Switzerland the UofN is not a state-recognized educational institution, although world wide depending on the country there can be some recognition. The student is responsible to figure out If the training you do here in YWAM Davos is a recognized educational course by your country or university and if you can transfer some or all credits.

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LTP1 - Basic Leadership Practicum


The Basic Leadership Practicum (UofN CHR 145 / CHR 146) is for those who feel a calling in leadership and want to further develop this gift. The BLP is a inhouse training program wraped around a DTS. As YWAM Davos we highly value the individual and believe that God has create each one of us as a unique reflection of Him. We believe that to serve His Kingdom in a powerful way we first must understand our true identity as the King's son or daughter. BLP is a time to discover who you are and how God has gifted you. The BLP is a full year training  and the first part of our Leadership Training Program (LTP).

The BLP starts off with a 2-3 month preparation time for the upcoming Discipleship Training School (DTS) followed by staffing the school. This will give you a hands on extensive experience as you learn by doing. You will have the opportunity to serve in areas such as hospitality, worship, intercession, local ministry, and small groups. You will also have the opportunity to plan and lead an outreach. This is a stretching and challenging time, but also a very exciting time as, together we experience more of who God is and how he created you. After Outreach we will enter a Debriefing Phase as well as a time where you can process the things you’ve learned while serving on the local ywam center.

Throughout the DTS you will discover many new things about yourself. What your strengths and weaknesses are, what your passions are, how you best relate to others and most importantly, how it is that God sees you. That is why we want to extend the BLS beyond the DTS time so that we can zoom in on these things and dig deeper into them. How can they be further developed? How can you best use these gifts to serve in ministry? In what areas do you still want to grow in? These are just some of the questions we will be addressing more extensively. The three months following the DTS will be a time more focused on you, as together, we look to what God has been revealing to us and through mentoring, seminars, and assignments, we continue to grow as we continue to discover.

Basic Leadership Practicum I/II

UofN Code: CHR 145/146

This is an in-service program designed to assist in developing the leadership skills of staff in U of N schools. Students meet several times each week for discussion and instruction on such topics as pastoral skills, spiritual gifts, small group dynamics, basic management principles, and leadership of public meetings and outreaches. In addition each student meets regularly with a mentor for feedback and evaluation. Assignments include reading and reporting on a number of books covering basic leadership issues. This course is designed to help the students to staff a DTS and understand how a dts works. All the students are involved during the 12 week DTS Lecture Phase, in case of not having enough space to add students to the DTS Outreach Staff, we will provide an alternative leadership opportunity to serve our town, local churches and ministries (incl. a shorter international missions trip) for at least 8-14 weeks. We run this course as a one year course as a part of our 3 year Leadership Training Program. Our course goes beyond the time of staffing a DTS, this will make it a stronger course and will improve the qualities of our DTS we run at YWAM Davos. The Students will receive 12 Credits for this course.

Prerequisites: DSP 211 & 212 (DTS)
Credits: to 12

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